Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review of Between Heaven and Earth

General Standards and Particular Situations in Relation to the Natural Law 

Is the Word "Life" Meaningful? 

The Popular Interpretation of Communism and of Marxist Materialism 

Metaphysics and the Interpretation of Words 

The Compassion of the Virgin Mother and the Prophecy of Simeon 

Education Before the Age of Reason 

Art and Morality 

On the Appetite of Matter 

The Tyranny of Sight

Abstraction from Matter

The Moral Responsibilities of the Scientist

The Principal Being of Man is Thinking

Questions about the Universe Existing under a State of Motion

The Immaculate Conception and the Divine Motherhood, Assumption and Coredemption

Hylomorphism and Becoming

The Person of Mary in the Cult of the Church

The Perfection of the Kingship of Christ

The Nature of Possibility

Social Sciences and Moral Sciences

Concerning the Problem of Certitude  
Essay on Evolution 

The Nature of Man and His Historical Being 

Concept, Process and Reality

The Problem of Evolution in Philosophy and Science

Thomism and Scientific Indeterminism

Philosophy in University Education

Summary of the talk of Dean Charles De Koninck to the students of the Faculty of Philosophy of Laval University, before his second departure for Rome, January 27, 1965

Digression on the Analogy between the Morning and Evening Knowledge of the Angels, and the Relation between Philosophy and the Experimental Sciences

In the Margin of Book V of the Physics